No. Go away.

Trespassing, eh? Well, I guess we'll just see about that...

Minimize the little pop-up window, don't exit out.

What makes you think you're good enough to come in here, eh?
umm I don't know.
I suck and I'm sorry.
I want to be a hero.
I like sheeps.
But the little man at the gate told me I could come in!!

You say you saw a little green man... What did he look like?
I like sheeps.
About yay tall, yay wide... cute little fella...
A boogie.
There was no little green man. He is just trying to make us think we going screwy. It was a figamentation of your imaginimation.
Jiminey Cricket!!

umm I don't know.
I suck and I'm sorry.
I want to be a hero.
I like sheeps.

TRUE or FALSE: What is my bus driver's name?

Is this a rhetorical question?

Are you thoroughly enjoying my webpage?
Not really.
Not at all.
No. This page is wrong.
Yes, I love your page.

¿Qué usted piensa de la ley del Newton de la gravedad y del nervio que sujetan con grapa a sus ciudadanos?
El receptor de papel I piensa que es incorrecto y mal.
Es muy tonto.
Me gusta sheeps.
Sí! Pienso que el nervio que sujeta con grapa a los ciudadanos es una idea maravillosa! Y gravedad... quién pensó en él? LO AMO. Señor bien Newton por supuesto! receptor de papel correcto del uh que sé que mi español realmente aspira, pero es ése porque estoy utilizando un traductor. Mi abuela es un alce. Usted preferiría los pollos o las vacas?

Are you a gerbil?
Not really, but yeah, sure, whatever...
I like sheeps.
Silly rabbit...
Only if you want me to be.

And I suppose you're pretty sure about that?
Not really, but yeah, sure, whatever...
Of course.
This is stupid. I'm leaving.
No! Not really. You see my mother was a gerbil and my father.... he was a hamster. I was raised in the slums of small Gerbralter. The clouds were fun while they lasted and the sky was gray. No. I was wrong about something. The pink chimpanzees threw rotten raisins at the polka-dotted pansies during the Storm of the Century. The M&Ms rained down from the heavens as the enemy gobbled it up. I don't know who the enemy was but I'm sure he was somewhere. A loud 'moo!' We all knew..... Babyzilla was near....

What did he just say?
I like sheeps.
He must be Fenry, he knows so much.
Who is Fenry?
Isn't Gerbralter.. no. If that's true, I don't know what he just said.

Do you own any pirated software?
Arrrrgh matey! avast ya lubbers, and swab the poop decks!!
Of course not! well... maybe just a few programs...
Yes, but "pirate" is such a nasty word...
I refuse to answer this question.

Finish this excerpt from a song:
"Now heads of state who ride and wrangle, who look at your face from more than one angle...

... can cut you from their bloated budgets, like sharpening knives through chicken mcnuggets,"
... prefer the chicken mcnuggets to their bloated budgets,"
... like heavy torsos that heave and hurl, will crunch like nuts in the mouths of squirrels,"
... a million times i ask you, then i ask you again,"
... se necesito una poca de gracia, una poca de gracia,"

How old am I?

If you were caught in this situation, what would you do?
A man walks up to you and says,

"I'm selling these fine leather jackets. Would you like to buy some?"
What jackets.

OK fine. Now that you've answered all those questions (or you should have at least), just tell me... Why did you really come here? You're not going anywhere, 'til you tell me. Just fill out that little white box below this... or you can just skip this question and click the "Bah. Shoo." button.
But that's cheating.