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You pause for moment and think about your actions.... You take a step forward, but then move your foot back. A few seconds later, you regain your courage and take a few steps towards the nice, ferocious creature. You greet baby pirhana with a nice smile and then a warm "Hello." Baby Pirhana stares at you. You ask him, "How are you today?" Yay! He seems amused. All of a sudden, Baby Pirhana let's out a shrill squeak. The sound deafens your ears. He lunges! He goes for your throat.

You wake up.

You are in a room. The walls are white, the curtains are white, your bed is white, and even the cow in the corner is white. You think, "So there is that fonting cow. I was wondering where he was." You lay there for a moment and rest. You close your eyes and smile.