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You decided to tell Baby Pirhana about your adventure thus far. You think it might amuse him and he will have mercy on you and let you live. You ask him to sit down in a comfortable place and get relaxed. He thinks about eating you, but then decides it might perhaps be a nice time to rest, since he is so tired.

You start your story at our beginning. You tell him how you received a letter in the mail awhile ago asking for your help. The letter described how we should be on various adventures and that our goal was to find the hidden message contained within the webpage of Ermit. You explain who Ermit is and how he came to be. You tell him about Time Tower, even though you are not too sure what it is yourself.

You tell Baby Pirhana about how you began your voyage meeting a creature named Buu. You told him how scared you were. You tell him how you ran away when you met the wall and the brook. You explain how difficult and confusing it was to get away from the brook. You tell him how annoying it is to die everytime you do something wrong. You explain to him what the "Backup" button is, and how you have found a new appreciation for it. You tell Baby Pirhana about Episode Two, the runes, and the great Fenry. You tell Baby Pirhana about the rabbit, the dog, and the frightening sheep. You peer over at Baby Pirhana. You see that he has a smile on his face. You also notice that he is asleep. You grin, and decide it would be nice to take a nap. You sleep.