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Babyzilla looks at you. He tilts his head to ones side and then blinks. He opens his mouth and growls. You cry for a moment, but you get over it. The creature lunges for your throat! ... but what is this? You hear a voice. "Joshy? Ah, there you are, you little baby nut. hehehe" It is Babyzilla's mommy. You say "awww" as the little guy runs to his mother, giggles and says "mommy!!! awww" and hugs her.

You watch with unblinking eyes as Babyzilla reveals his true image. You say hello to him. He looks over at you and says "moo?" You giggle. Congratulations, Will. I suppose this is a happy ending for everyone. You have saved the day once again. You managed to pass our creator of this page, a pretty portrait... You converted a binary number... wow, Will. You are amazing. Hm. I had fun with you, Will. I suppose this is goodbye, though. This is where we go our separate ways. I will miss you. Goodbye, Will Robinson. It was nice knowing you. :)