Life is like a roller coaster,
You're always getting near the end, closer and closer,
Begins, it has its ups, it has its downs,
it makes you smile, makes you frown,
Some parts were exciting, new things everywhere,
other times were boring, there was really nothing there.
A spiral will send you thinking, about what's going to happen,
You popped out of your seat and then started flappin'
You realize you can't fly.
Your odds of living aren't that high.
Don't try to unbuckle your seatbelt,
That's just stupid.

or maybe your life is like a toaster?
Down......... up! down........, gets used a lot.
I want my life to be like-that-not.
You drink some, and go driving in the fog.
You remember a voice said, "That ain't eggnogg!"
The toaster breaks, and so do you,
after taking in a spill.

- Micah Hale

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