I was talking awhile ago to some of my friends. That is something I do. I'm sure everyone does it, but we were trying to have a "serious" conversation which is not often something we do. Right. So Mr. Jesse was complaining about something about life blah blah, and I would tell you what they said but this is MY view on life, not theirs. I said to him, "Be happy with the 50-70+ years God gave you and you'll find out all your answers in the end." That is my answer to all of the "Who are we?" and "Where did we come from?" questions. My sister and I agreed (and a lot of people agree with this) that life is just no fun when you are normal. My friends were talking about different answers to life and stop me if I'm wrong.... hehe.... just stop reading, I guess, but they said, "To survive." If that is what we are here for, then many of us have already accomplished this. Maybe even you have! That is amazing. Hmm. "To work just to make munney (and some of them can't spell) for our stupid system." Nah. If you don't like the system, I say become president and change it or move to a different country. Do something and don't be unhappy. You don't have to work your whole life just to make money to survive. Buy a jet-ski with your money, a happy trampoline, or some other happy items. Here, I will name some happy items so that you may go out to buy them later and not be sad if you are so:

Blankets, pets, hot tub, pool, trampoline, Toothbrush...

Sure, some of these are quite expensive, especially teethbrushes these days, but work a little more or create your own job. Invent something or win the lottery. Write a book or write for a newspaper. lalala hmm.. Oh, that goes to something else. News people. I'm sorry to all the silly news people who I might offend when I say this, but STOP READING NOW if your are a news person. There, you have been warned. Here it is: You all are monkeys! Not all, I don't mean all. About 99% of you news people are monkeys. Whoever says "the people have a right to know!" Sure, we might, but no. I don't really care. A lot of people don't really care. Why do we have the right to know anyways about what the president is doing in his office? Hillary and Bill should have sorted it out among themselves, and that would have been that. but no... That's not what happened. The president lied to the whole United States on TV and then was made to apologize for that later. We caused him to lie though.. or at least the news people did. It was his fault he lied, but we shouldn't have asked him about it. They had to go say "what were you doing in your office, Mr. President? Hmmmm?" and that caused a lot of silly problems. Why do we have to know about all the criminals being locked up everyday, all the buildings being blown up across the country, why do we have to know about people being killed in different countries? If it doesn't concern me, I would rather not know. News people don't come into my house and say, "Micah! You and that cream cheese you are holding! What's the story?" People don't have the "right" to know about that and I don't like cream cheese. I'm sorry.
So that brings us to one more thing. I just now said, people don't have the "right" to know. My brother-in-law, Dave, was saying that it is very annoying when people don't use quotes correctly. I used that one correctly, I think, because I had just said earlier the word "right" and was referring back to it. A lot of people say, "Well I just think it's """"""SILLY""""""" I do." I maybe made a few too many quote marks right there, but that was just to show that people are really "silly." And there I go again using correct quotations. The "silly" person above who said "I think that's just silly, I do." with their quotes around silly is just a monkey. Nobody ever said "SILLY" so why are they quoting it? It confuses me. Use italics.
Also something that bothers Dave and I is when people misuse different words. To say that something is "hysterical," as in funny... that is just wrong. Hysterical does not mean funny. It means crazy. To say it was "hysterically funny," yes that would be a good idea, but don't just say hysterical. It is wrong. Also we have "I could care less," which is something a lot of people say. This is just wrong, also. When you are saying that, that is stating that you could care less, meaning you don't really "care less." if you understand what I'm saying. It should be "I couldn't care less." Yes. With the "n't" on there. Bah.
Hm. There lots of other things I could talk about, but I'll just say something about ... something. I think there are a lot of stupid people in our world today. A lot of them are running our country. I don't really see why these people who consider themselves nice enough to run our contries believe that killing each other to achieve happiness is the right idea.
Anyways, that's all I have to say really. There is a lot more, but it would be too confusing to say. My answer to life is "Spread the word of God, be happy, have fun and quit complaining."

- Micah Hale

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