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Oh my! Hello, hello. Welcome to Clarksville. My name is Fenry, and I am very much a gerbster. Yep. You betcha. Well, hm. Enry's definition of "gerbster" is not so grand, so we shall go into more detail on the subject. A gerbster is me. As you can see, from my picture up above, I am much more than handsome, I have nice and fuzzy brown hair, and a nice little round nose. Hehe I bet you are wishing you were so great as me, eh? Yes you are. Well, hm. How are you? I am fine. eh... Well, there is not really much I have to say here. Hm. ::ponder ponder:: Ah yes, you can always play the ermit's Choose Your Own Adventure game. Muwahah. I am so nice at that game. >:) <- That is a little man with angry caterpillars. Isn't he nice?
Right, well yes. These are my webpages, the Clarksville Pages. You will find many interesting things here. Yep. You will. Many nice things... such as the Final Fantasy VII page which has not arrived in the mail yet, but will soon come! ... and there is our Monkey Island page which was on Enry monkey's page, but it left him for me since I am the better looking man. Muwahah! Well, hm. hehe you can also visit the page we created for one of the greatest band's ever! (<- opinion) The Monkees! Yes. Ok. Well, hm...

Ah yes. Hm. If you have not visited the ermit's page, I should suggest you should after you are completely through visiting mine. Mine is much nicer, and has a better format, but yep. Hm. Well over there on the left are my miscellaneous webpages which you may like to visit during your stay here at the Clarksville pages. Alright. Well, I suppose that is all. Have fun and come back again sometime. Tata.

All material on this page belongs to me. Copyright by Ermit and Gerb :) Stealing of any of this material is not nice... it is also illegal. If you would like permission to take or steal any pictures or anything from my webpage, please let me know. You can e-mail me at