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Hiya. Welcome to Fenry Corner

Howdy. er... wait a minute... I didn't invite you in here... THIS IS PRIVATE PROPERTY, BUDDY!!! Fenry, I own this hotel. YEAH, BUT IT'S MY ROOM!!! Shut up, Fenry. Ok. Oh shucky-darn... Oh well. I guess now that you are here you must have a cup of tea. Do come in, please...


I quiver with anticipation...

YOU! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE! Blast that Bilbob Baggins! Oh well, I guess now that your here... Oh! Hi! Hello, anyway. You must excuse Mister Bobbins or Boggins or whatever his name may be... He is a good friend of Enry's, you see... How'd he get in here? Must've slipped in when Enry walked in. Ah well. Anyways, hello.

This is me. [IMAGE]

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