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Hello! Come on in. So, I guess you're gonna be staying with us for the night, eh? Oh yay! How I enjoy company. All the other cheeps have left. They said they had heard some freak was coming to the hotel. I dunno. Anyway, hello. You'll be my roommate for awhile, then I guess... Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't tell you my name. My name is Herby Cheep. I live a little bit west of Spielburg, and I'm just gonna be staying here for a few nights. I usually stay over at Enry's house.

Ummm, er, let's see... Would you like to see some old pictures of me? Of course you do. Here is one of my favorite pictures.

That is my school picture from when I was in 4th or whateverith grade. Cute li'l devil aren't I? hehehehe. Now, let's see. Ah. Yes. This is my most recent picture.

Enry slipped when he took the picture, so it's sorta blurry.