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"I find that I only seem to think of amusing things to say when I'm patronizing the person I'm talking to."

- Micah Hale

"I have the heart of a little boy. I keep it in a jar on my desk."

- Stephen King

"Spread the word of God, be happy, have fun, and quit complaining."

- Micah Hale

"Turkey!" (an insult)

- Bertaa

"They see us as stupid little critters who will be easily brainwashed when they're ready to do the scrubbing."

- Micah Hale

"Mum-mum-mum..." (fading into a growl)

- Babyzilla

"If it is a bad cow, then we shall only let it in our restaurants if it is served on a plate!"

- Micah Hale

"No Jesus, no peace. Know Jesus, know peace."

- Pope Pius XII (mayhaps)

"If asked which is better: the sun or moon, I should say the moon. I have never lain down on a nice fuzzy hill-top on a warm summer's day, looked up at the sun, and said 'My, isn't that pretty.'"

- Micah Hale

"Four legs good, two legs bad!"

- Snowball

"Don't do drugs to get happy. Get a turtle. Those are nice."

- Micah Hale

"Vegetables are living creatures, too. They're just easier to catch."

- I don't know.

"I hope I don't have to speak out loud for God to hear me... if that's so, we have a lot of catching up to do..."

- Micah Hale

"sure I like animals... but if a bear eats me, I'm not going to like that bear."

- Micah Hale

"you make me corny : )"

- one of the sweetest things ever said to me