Hello. This section is made up of pictures I have drawn on the computer using the best art program available for the computer: Paintbrush. I used a computer since I am no good at drawing with a pencil. Well, I can draw cows okay... and stick people... but they looked better on the computer. Hm. It took me about ten minutes to draw each picture. Most of these pictures (well, all of them) are pictures of cows and stick people. I thought of Gary Larson when I was drawing them, but if any of these pictures show any resemblence to any of Mr. Larson's pictures, I did not mean to copy them in any way. I made all of these up on my own in my spare time (which I have a lot of).

Hm. I am sorry if any of these pictures are a bit fuzzy or if the text is a little messed up, but it is NOT MY FAULT. :) It is all Tripod, your internet browser, or Canada's fault. So yep. I am not to blame for any of this. All of my pictures are nice and clear on our computer. Hm. Also, if you are thinking about stealing any of my pictures... no.

Anyways, the reason I decided to pick cows as my main characters (and stick people) is because they are easy to draw and I like them. The first word my nephew, Joshua, learned to read was "COW." Well maybe "JOSH" was his first, but still... He speaks the whole Cow langauge. "Moo?" - quote from Josh. Perhaps, I shouldn't say it too many times to him. He might grow up to be an oddball like his mum and dad. Hm. Well, the pictures appear in the order that they were drawn. That is all. Have fun with them.
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