What's new in Ermiton, etc?

Hm. Well, what's new? We have lots of new things here, in Ermiton and around the Clarksville Pages. Many exciting things happen here yepyep. New things are added each day, or at least most days. Yes. Hm. Well, what's new?

Visit the Bovine Junction sometime. Right now, it seems the cows are having a happy little hoe-down, but there soon will be something interesting there to see. Yes. And... Caterpillar Express shall soon be open. Yay! Hm. Episode 5 shall also be coming soon. The intro to it is already created :) :) :) Hmm... and North Ponder has come in :) You may visit Herby's home any time you'd like. :::dances::: Hm.. Fenry is a monkey. Well, That's all for now. Sign my guestbook if you get a chance. Lots of nice fun there. Also, click on the Japanese characters on the left frames of our pages. Muwhahah. Ca plane pour moi!

- Enry D Ermit
Fenry P. Gerb
Herby Cheep
Fred, the Cow

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