ann'i'e and her dog

'Twas smilly, and lew pyre coves,
Mid lyre in the title woves,
Gem lapse time cosine,
within the knickered knack,
Thrice times deven, pin the lilly pack,
Came ann'i'e in the trailluh dew,
Nutbag gutsnag rapatat smat,
With her sappy sack: nappy swat!
Slicey twicey fearsome foof,
Moof moof, its seeple eye lost a toof,
Poor dead nutbag within slew gutsnag,
Onto more lefore bave core,
No, we shall say? Te heh, poo-tee-weet,
Smelling, dwelling, so loe sweet,
Mittle little ann'i'e found sound PluTo,
Alast fuseep.

Aieeep! wryed PluTo, he was asundry,
Blee-eep! wryed Ann'i'e, she ter ablundry,
Dice the mice. Game of chess.
Oui o si. They doth mid cede.
Pawn up two, knight move three,
hover, hover, crash!
CHECKMATE. the game was over.
PluTo was a cheater.
Mittle Ann'i'e alast fuseep wint spint
Her blundrous ballet, moutay spat tay!
He was out sorted, today.
Blee-eep! wryed PluTo, fell to the ground.
Tee-tweet, Ann'i'e laughed, fell to the sound . . .
. . . so say, Tillamound in the ole solteo bay.
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