Most people have heard about a theory called "Evolution." Evolution is an idea created by scientists that humans actually used to be monkeys. The theory says that in the beginning, there were these tiny little critters called something somethings. I forgot what exactly they were supposed to be called, but they were small little critters and supposedly they could hardly be seen even through a microscope. After awhile, it's believed by scientests, that these critteres evolved. Nothing special happened. They just decided they wanted to change because they felt they needed to because of the environment around them. These critters, according to scientists, evolved into some larger critters. Those soon, supposedly, evolved into larger critters, and those became lizards, and those lizards grew fur and those things grew wings and blah blah blah blah. Lots of stuff, according to the theory of evolution, happened.
In "evolution", man started off as a monkey, after evolving from the smaller critters. These monkeys didn't know how to do much, but eventually after millions or whatever years they became us. Hm. Scientists believe this. I do not. Scientists do not have any proof of evolution. They have bones, though. Scientists compare the bones of the old ape bones that they found in the ground and they say that these must have once belonged to a creature which acted very much like men! Hmm... Those creatures were our great, great, great, great, great (times 10001092309218) grandmas and grandpas! Sure... why not? Right.
Let's ponder this for a moment. The monkey's skeleton looks a lot like that of a human being. Hmm.... Why haven't our present-day monkeys evolved into humans? Did they miss their turn? Why are there so many different types of monkeys? Some have tales, some are big, some are small, some are scary... There are lots of monkeys around. Hm. ::ponder:: Let us compare: a bear and a dog. They both have four legs. They both are almost the same size. Yes! The deag was a primitive creature that existed billions of years ago. After time, it evolved into bears and doggies! Yes.
Anyways... reversed evolution. Our world today is very silly. Man started off as primitive neanderthalic (according to evolution) creatures. We had no clothes. After time, we realized we looked a little odd with no clothes. We got cold. We get some fig leaves. Much better. After time, we get some fur from animals. It got cold. After time, we start to weave and knit our clothing. Soon, we are knitting socks, as well. We get sandals and, eventually, sneakers.
I fear today that evolution is reversing. Many years ago, a woman makes a dress which allows others to see her ankles! This is very shocking to the people. Years later, a woman knits a skirt which almost shows her knees! People are confused, but start to follow her methods. Years later, young boys wear shorts in public. This is very odd, but more boys mimic their ways. Years later, girls wear shorts! This is very odd, but more girls mimic their ways. Years later, women wear two-piece bathing suits! People are shocked, yet many are amused. Guys and ladies both start to wear less and less clothing.... Woodstock in the 60s. People are naked!! We have devolved. It is very sad. People of the nineties... girls in schools want to wear less clothes. People in movies wear less clothes. People on streets wear less clothes. People everywhere want to wear less.
I think "evolution", if it existed, reached his peak around the 1800s. It seems we have gone down-hill from there. In the late 1800s, people walked around killing each other left and right... like primitive little monkeys. Nobody cared about anything. Years later... in the 20th century, there have been at least 7 wars involving the United States! In the 1940s, millions of people are murdered for no reason. A man named Hitler seemed to "devolve" much faster than the others. His views became distorted and he became more "primitive." Now, in our time of the 1990s, things are just getting worse. People act like primitive little creatures. Nobody cares who gets killed. People think less and less. Children are refusing to go to school. Teachers don't teach kids. The school board messes up the teachers. The government messses up the schoolboard... Kids are going to be the leaders of our world in just a few years. I think it'd be nice if they weren't as primitive as "early-man."
When you think about it, it is sad. We are back to being primitive little critters. It's not our fault though... we have something to blame it on. Evolution just reversed itself.

- Micah Hale

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