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So, I suppose you made it here, eh. Well you really must want in, I guess, so I suppose you can stay... but it'll cost you five bucks... haha! hm. no. just kidding. haha.. I am silly, no? no. Right, so why did you come here, eh? There isn't really much to do here, except browse me Dragonball Z page, play the Choose Your Own Adventure which only took me a nice 8 hours to type out half the HTML text to only find out I had messed up each section and had to go back and redo it all again, or you could visit Herby, even though his room really isn't quite finished yet (it's not even begun), or perhaps you could even visit the guys in the Monkey's Island room. Perhaps you might like to visit one of the other many things there are here, also. Hm. We have a nice salad bar. Yep. Real nice. Well anyways, welcome to the Comfy Ermit, also the Ermitday Inn hotel, I do hope you enjoy your stay, etcetera, etcetera. That picture up above is me. Cute little devil, aren't I? My name is Enry, and I am an Ermit.
Now, some may wonder: What exactly is an ermit? He looks like a smurf to me. And most will never even wonder this at all, however, I shall still explain. An ermit, by definition, is me. I am an ermit, and very much not a smurf. I am the only one in existence, and I intend on it staying that way. No clones are being made of me at present, nor in the future, and I do not reproduce myself, nor am I going to be having any nice and fuzzy babies.

And this creature is Fenry. Some say he may look like a banana, but I do no know why. He, to me, does not look like a banana. He is holding a banana in his large, fuzzy paws, but he himself is not a banana. Right. Well Fenry, by definition is a gerbster... and a gerbster could be described as a large, fuzzy creature, usually around eight or so feet tall, with a very little brain, and large paws.

Take one of those banners, if you'd like and stick it on your webpage and link it to my page... E-mail me first, though. Muwahah! Ermits will take over the world, just wait. *(well maybe not but it's a nice idea.... no it isn't. oh, shut up.)

Hm. Well over there on the left are my various webpages which you may like to visit during your stay. Alright. Well, I suppose that is all. I hope you enjoy your stay at the Comfy Ermit. Come back again sometime. Tata!

All material on this page belongs to me. Copyright by Ermit :) Stealing of any of this material is not nice... it is also illegal. If you would like permission to take or steal any pictures or anything from my webpage, please let me know. You can e-mail me at