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Hi there. Welcome to my cave.


Hello and welcome to my cave... In case you get bored, I am providing this small troll juggling his two heads and a sheep up there...

Right... well... anyways, you are probably wondering why you are here... Well? Why are you here? You find my webpages rather interesting, obviously, and you must have more. Haha! Well, this was my first webpage. It still is my first webpage, I suppose... um well, anyways.... I guess now that you are in my cave, I have to greet you... so... greet, greet greet greet... greet? Yeah... I think so.

Boy, is I tired. Fenry and I took a trip this weekend. It was muy fun. haha see? I am tricky, no? Tried to through you off with that little bit of espanol... didn't know I spoke spanish, did you? neither did I.

Fenry had a little get-together with a few of his monkey friends... It was a lot of fun... hahaheheeheh.. mmm... Well,Fenry's Party totally wore me out.

I am having a contest (not really but this was on my old webpage so DONT E-MAIL ME RIGHT NOW OR I WILL BEAT YOU... Contest will start later) Whoever can E-Mail me first and tell me what song is playing on my webpage, they will get a prize. If I have a picture at the bottom of my page, then e-mail me telling me what it is. You'll get a nice, happy prize such as MIDIs, WAVs, a picture, etcetera...

Dangit... People... Please e-mail me telling me what song is playing...

Thats right... Just click on the blue "Contest!" up there to e-mail me with the answer......

If you do not respond to my contest... I will be forced to have Fenry eat and so painfully digest you...

You know... I am getting really tired of this.

Hey... Did I mention free beer?

What? MAIL! Dangit Fenry! I can't give you the prize... You saw me put the music on the page...

Did I mention free beer?

Vodka? No?

Oh I don't care... Just e-mail me the answer after looking at the rest of my page...


Who is this handsome devil, you say? Why it's me of course! Enry D Ermit... (no I am not a smurf)


What? What are you babbling about... Oh, yes and this is Fenry, he is my Gerbster... (dont ask me, I don't know what he is... He claims to be one, but I have never heard of such a thing till I found him) He is a little strange sometimes but he is alright, I suppose. What? Yes, Fenry, you are strange... FENRY, PUT THAT DOWN! You have to excuse Fenry... He's very sensitive. Yes, Fenry, in the corner till I tell you to get up... now, where was I. Right, well.... Yeah, Fenry? Well... maybe, I don't want a gerbster... maybe, I don't need a gerbster, eh? maybe, I'll get a cat! OW! Stop that, stop that! Fenry? Yes, I'm talking to you. what did I tell you to do with those scissors? No, Fenry, I didn't tell you to get a shrubbery. I said to-- PUT THAT DOWN!!! Oh yeah, sure, now you remember. Oh goodness, gracious me... what was I saying... ah yes, I was going to say, before somebody (yes, Fenry, you know who I'm talking about) tried to so rudely assassinate me, that I was walking by the Pet Store and I saw the cutest little thing. Yes, a lot cuter than you, Fenry. So, I, Enry D Ermit, will show you- He's really a smurf! I'm not a smurf, I'm not a smurf! I am an ermit... He's a smurf, don't beleive him... Oh yeah? shut up, Fenry... Didn't I tell you to go to your corner? Yeah, well... Smurf smurf. smurf! smurf! smurf!>silence< FENRY! You're just a BIG OLD ODD-BALL! >silence< Come back here, Fenry. Bah! grumble grumble...little baby...grumble.... I HEARD THAT! Bah! I DONT CARE. Oh well, fine, be that way! But, anyways, here is a picture of the little devil, anyways:


Fenry! Stop messing with the pictures! Well anyways... here is the ::blah blah blah blah blah blah blah:: (2 hours later)...and that was how we found him. Those M&Ms were so silly! HAHAHA! Right. Well...

Where was I? oh yeah. I was going to say that there are a few places that I like to go. a few of them would be:

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And sign my guestbook, eh?

Sign it.
Look it.

Hmm, I suppose if you are wondering what I am or what Fenry is... I am Enry D Ermit and I am 3'4". I am green and fuzzy. I like to take strolls in the park, play croquet, and I like checkers. te heh! Right. Fenry is an 8-foot tall, brown (yes, fuzzy) creature with happy sharp teeth. He lives in a corner.


Fenry? You're getting that twitch in your eye, again.

Fenry stop that, you're scaring me... FENRY!!! Ahem...Excuse me, Fenry isn't being himself at the moment - Yes, Fenry, back in the corner, you've been a naughty gerb. Excuse me but I need to leave now... I... will... try to... add more... later........ BYE!