Shall I perform the dance of joy?
Hummmm dee dahhh dumm yes... hah frum ta la di dah......

ahh... enough Ginyu. This webpage is completely dedicated to Dragonballs. We love our Dragonballs, don't we? Muwaha, well, if DragonballZ were a kitten I would give it warm milk, if it were a puppy I would scratch it's belly... If DragonballZ were a cupcake, I would eat it. But, since it is not any of those, this webpage will do.

I agree, Master Freeza....

As you should, Captain Ginyu. Well, we shall start by introducing the main characters. There is ME, Master Freeza, Lord of all that is great and powerful! Well, Lord of ME! Muwahaha! Right.

And then there is me and the rest of the Ginyu Force! I am the dashingly handsome purple one with horns down there. In the middle. We are the mightiest warriors in the whole universe! ..... er ..... except for you, Master Freeza.


Yes. The Ginyu Force was sent here to planet Nameck by me, to fetch the Dragonballs and bring them to me. They were to also rid me of those pesky earthlings and those three saiyan warriors. Grr. I am so angry.

Permit me to perform the dance of pesky earthlings, and saiyan warriors, Master Freeza.

No, Ginyu.

Those are the three saiyan warriors. Son Gokou, his son (Gohan), and Vejita. Vejita used to be such a nice little evil critter, but he converted to niceism. There are three things which I don't tolerate: saiyans that get on my nerves, bad haircuts, and small people. He is all three of those things. Bad Vejita! Bad! No dog biscuit!

Shall I perform the dance of---

NO, Ginyu! Another of these unimportant characters is the bald earthling, Kuririn.

You must admit, the little guy has got spunk.

Yes, Ginyu.

Would you allow me to perform the dance of little men that have spunk . . .

Ginyu. Don't you have something better to do?

Serving you is my only desire, Master Freeza.

I see. Well go empty my chamber pots or something.

As you wish, Master Freeza. Shall I perform the dance of---

NO, GINYU. Just leave. Anyways, where was I? Ah yes. Piccolo, the Namek. He looks like a green gopher, and I admire him for that. But he is not important to me, so I will not speak much of him.

So what next? Let's see... perhaps you are curious as to what a Dragonball is? Well, I will tell you. A Dragonball is an orange ball with a star on it. Supposedly, when I collect all seven of these Dragonballs, I am granted three wishes of my choosing. I will get my Dragonballs, believe it or not. There is not much to say about Dragonball Z other than, I am the greatest, most evil character in the entire show. Muwahahah! If you would really wish to learn about all the other, unimportant details, look up a website. But you wont find any of that here. So go away. I want to be alone with the seven fake Dragonballs that Ginyu created for me so that I may caress these balls. Goodbye and good riddance.

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