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Cheep! hehehe ... Hmm... ::ponder:: Welcome to my nice and wonderful webpage, much better than the others! Haha! Hmm.. Yes. That is what we like to think at least. Ermiton and Clarksville are no match for my superior.. yes. Ok. Well, hello anyways. I am glad you're here. Yep. Real happy. My name is Herby the cheep.... yes.
I suppose we shall tell you what I am since you don't know what I am. Well, neither do I. Muwahaha! So tricky, no? Yes, we are tricky little fellows. We are the cheeps. Hm. My name is Herby. Yes, we already told you that. Right! Well, that is enough with the third person now. Or second person.. Hm. Second person would be first person but referring to "I" as two people or more... ::ponder:: Right.

Hello. Still here? Hm. You should go visit one of the wonderful (yes, in italics!) pages over on the left there. Nice pages. Poet's Corner is nice. You'll find some nicey rhymeys there <- hehe. Hm... Yes! Well, take a ride on the Caterpillar Express! No. Do not. It is not a train or any other way of transportation. You should go there and watch the races though. Last week, Dave's caterpillar beat them all! Muwahahah those silly mexican caterpillars... They are nothing at all like Speedy Gonzales. Nope.

Yes. Well, I think you should shoo now. Visit a nice place on the left and then leave. Muwahaha!! ... yes. Tata now.

All material on this page belongs to me. Copyright by Ermit, Gerb, and Cheep :) Stealing of any of this material is not nice... it is also illegal. If you would like permission to take or steal any pictures or anything from my webpage, please let me know. You can e-mail me at