They are small, not at all tall,
They like to play, almost every day.
They hop around, and fluff everything,
When they're angry, they fuzz in the rain.
They are rather frightening, as fluffy as they are,
They will clog up your drain pipes, and ruin your car.
Some say they're mad, others say they're just sad,
because they are not very good today, they are bad.
A little sheep got in one of their holes and stole it.
They fuzzed at the sheep and he fluffed up and left.
That is all.

They were quite mad, though,
because their hole did not smell like snow.
It smelled like sheeps.
Sheepses smell funny.
Not like any bunny.
They might go find another hole.
Yes, that would be a good idea, to go visit Mr. Mole.
"Hello, Mole," they say, "How are you today?"

Mole replies, "I'm just ok."
Mean bunnies say, "Right! Go away!"
They scared Mr. Mole, and he left out of his hole.
It now belonged to the bunnies.
Poor Mr. Mole. He got his fishing pole.
And with his pole, he fished out some bunnies.
And so it was written, and so it was done,
Mr. Mole got his happy hole back and his spot in the sun.

Okay, so what next.
The bunnies created their own form of computer code text.
Well maybe not, but it rhymed,
These bunnies are quite smart, and should be timed.
That also was just a happy rhyme.
But really, let's try this one more time.
These bunnies are really very smart,
You should read this poem again right from the start.
That would do you no good, though.
You just wouldn't understand.
These are the bunnies of Ermiton,
and they'll play with your mind.

- Micah Hale

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