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Hello. Your name is Will Robinson. You are planet Earth's only chance for survival. Well, not really, but it sounded good. You must journey on through dangerous places of the unknown. You must use your best instincts to help you survive different situations. For instance,

You see a large rock. What do you do?

Attack it with your banana.
Decide you would like to eat the rock.
Stare at the rock.
Run away.

If this were the real thing, you most likely would have died. The correct answer would be to "Decide you would like to eat the rock." Actually, no, not really, but it also sounded good. In the real game, there are more real-life situations which you must face. I suppose that is all the information you need to know, but one more thing. Know that there IS almost always a way to win, so don't give up. You're pretty much on your own from now on.

Good luck, Will Robinson.

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