Hm. Hello. Well, I suppose you are probably wondering what AllAdvantage is? Well, hm. Hehe usually I delete my cousin's e-mails when he sends me things like this (I am sorry, Jon), but my friend who lives in Texas (Bob) told me about this program. He showed me his nice check he received from them for $25.07 ... hehe it was nice, but hm. AllAdvantage is a company which is paid for through sponsors. It is completely free to sign up and download their program. I know of one person who makes at least $130 dollars through AllAdvantage every month. He has a link on his webpage and gets people to sign up from it (like I am trying to do :) You make money for every person you refer with AllAdvantage. The way you get paid is, after signing up, you download their program and run it. The program scrolls through lots of various banners. You don't necessarily have to click on the banners, but you may if you want. Hehe ok, well, you get paid for any amount of time you are browsing webpages. It doesn't matter what webpages you are going to, but for every second you have the program open, and you are looking at a website, you are being paid. At the end of each month, you should receive a check from AllAdvantage. hehe ok well, hm. Click on the picture at the top of the page, or the link below, to sign up. At the sign up page, keep the number that is at the bottom where it is. That number is my referral number :) FOZ-016. For each new person you tell to sign up for AllAdvantage, you receive more money. For people who spend a lot of time at webpages, this program is a nice thing to have. An extra $20 or so a month is also nice. Muwahah! >:)

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Hello. Getpaid4 (TeknoSurf) is the same as all these other programs. Sign up, go to webpages, get paid. Supposedly, they pay you 90 cents per hour you spend at webpages. Very nice. Yepyep. My referral number (name) is "misterermit" Sign up below :)

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lalala. This is the same as the others. Sign up, go to webpages, etc. Referral number (name) is "misterermit" again. Sign up below.

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Hmm... mValue is just as nice as the others. They have a contest you can enter when you sign up. Supposedly, one person will receive $1,000,000 and some other people will get $1000 and anyone can get $100 or something like that if you sign up 5 other people. Yes. This is the same as the others. Sign up, go to webpages, etc. Referral number (name) is "misterermit" again. Sign up below.

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Alright. Well, hm. UtopiaAd has the same idea as AllAdvantage above. You sign up, go to webpages, and get money. :) It is very simple. If you would like to sign up, click on the link below, and keep my referral number where it is (229393)

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And this is Epipo. They, as well, have the same idea as both AllAdvantage and UtopiaAd. They're webpage is not as fancy, but it is much faster and easier to sign up. :) Referral number(name) is "MisterErmit".

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