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You decided to count. One, hop. Two, hop. Three, hop. Four....... The "sheep" then stops and says, "NOooo!! Baaaaaaa. We do not like numbers! Aiee!" The "sheep" then fleece and runs away. Ewe really frightened him. You are a baaaaaaad person. But, I suppose he was dangerous and you saved the day! Way to go, Will Robinson!

So you're finished. It wasn't that hard, was it? You walk along in the grass and think to yourself. Was this whole adventure really worth it? Hmm... "No, not really," you think. You could have wasted your time on something better like... eating, sleeping, or... filling out some important papers that are due tomorrow. You could have... done your taxes for next year. You could have made your own webpage, or maybe you could have written a book, or won the lottery. You pause to think over your adventure for a brief moment. You wonder what ever became of that monkey with banana who looked a lot like Fenry. You wonder, who is Fenry? Why weren't there any fonting cows in this story? ...and where is that music coming from? Hmmmmm...

eep! What's this?! The sheep! Hello hello. It is staring at you with his two beady sheepy eyes. He is running at you full speed. When he reaches you, he lunges... He says "Raaar! I am no sheep! I am really a bad wolf! raaaaaar!!!" You are eaten. If only had a chance to go BACK and live again. Only a miracle would allow that, though. Or perhaps the "back-up" button that you have probably been using this whole time, because you were too lazy to play this adventure the real way and really START OVER each time you died. Hmm... Oh well. Poor dead Will Robinson.